Save OVER 50% on your skincare must-haves



Eliminate dead skin cells and wispy peach fuzz with our hero tool, the Hollywood Browzer. By removing this barrier on the skin’s surface, you will reveal a natural radiance and smooth complexion! Makeup will sit so flawlessly on the skin and your skincare products will sink into the skin effortlessly.

Microfibre Cleansing Pads

These eco-friendly, reusable, ultra-soft premium pads easily remove makeup, eyeliner & foundation with just water. Comes with a mesh wash bag so you never lose one!

Art Deco Compact Mirror

Sleek and slim, this mirror is the perfect purse, pocket or makeup bag size. It features one side for true-to-life image and one side with 2X magnification. Beautiful and elegant.


With the Hollywood Browzer, they are better together. They go together like bread and butter! Wipe the edge of the Browzer onto the Microfiber Puff to keep the edges of the Browzer clean throughout your dermaplaning treatment and after every few strokes. As a result, you can see all of the debris that has been removed!

Eye Curler

Achieve the best lashes ever in seconds with this eye opening tool. Its precision allows you to gently reach the lash root for a long-lasting lift and curl.